Are you constantly chasing your blogging tail? Have a to do list longer than your kids’ Christmas wish list? You want to spend more time growing your online business and earning potential, and creating the content you love. BUT those niggly tasks and tech headaches are taking up all your precious time. I feel you.  


No GDPR headache for me!

I am so pleased that I found The Blog VA to sort out all my GDPR related issues! Without Aleena, I’d be still sitting here, way past the deadline trying to figure it out what I needed to do. Aleena did everything for my blog from A to Z and delivered it in a matter of a few days. Thank you so much!

Aleena is a life saver!

I was extremely stressed about the whole GDPR thing. Not only did I have no time to sort out my site, I just didn’t know where to start! Tech stuff is not my strong point to say the least! Aleena has been a godsend, and I cant rate her high enough! Not only did she write my cookie policy and privacy policy, she was also able to advise me on how to add them to my site, get the correct cookie plug in and link them together. She also wrote my re-opt in e-mail, sent it out 3 times, and provided support along the way. The GDPR headache is no more, thanks Aleena x

Aleena took all the stress of GDPR compliance away!

What can I say about The Blog VA?
I was stressing about making sure my blog was fully compliant for the new GDPR regulations until I found Aleena’s GDPR package through a friend. She did a perfect job of making sure I had all policies in place and made sure my cookie plugins and such were properly set up.

Something that would have taken me probably a few weeks of stress was done quickly and succinctly for me!

On top of that, Aleena is a wonderful person to work with. She’s on the ball and a fantastic VA who knows her stuff. If I had the money I’d hire her in an instant to do more regular work.

Thanks so much lovely!

Marylin Muir

Imagine your life

Imagine having someone you could call when the going gets tough (or more likely when the kids get sick) who will pick up the slack for you and gets things done when you just can’t.


Picture yourself with your very own dedicated tech support helpline, never more than an email away and ready and waiting to help you solve that headache. 


Better yet, imagine having a personal tech assistant who could jump in when the need arises and fix that issue that’s been keeping you up all night.


I mean, living the dream, right?!

I wish I could afford that!

I know what you’re thinking;


“Ahh, maybe one day my blog biz will be successful enough for me to get some helping hands in.”

“I don’t know, I could probably work this plugin out eventually…”

“OMG, I totally wish I could afford my own tech assistant! That’s how I’ll know I’ve made it

“I want pizza…”

well you absolutely can!

I mean, I don’t do pizza, but knock yourself out 😉


You don’t need to be rolling in sponsored posts to afford VA services, or have your very own tech hand on speed-dial (speed-email?).


You don’t need to spend all your precious time trying to figure out every little thing on your website, or banging your head on your keyboard.


the Blog VA services start from just £15 per hour! Do you know what you could do with an hour? or more importantly, what a VA can do with an hour!

During WWII, Ford built one B-24 bomber aircraft per hour

No bombing here, obvs! Well, unless you count being ‘the bomb’ 😉


So feel free to take a look around and see what you can find.


Or why not just skip the time wasting and email me right now. You don’t have to know exactly what you need, just email me your blog life and I’ll come back you with some suggestions of how I can help.


Tell me what you’re struggling with, the things you hate doing, or just fill me in on all the things you’re trying to get done every day. No commitment, let’s just have a chat.


get started in 4 simple steps


Email me to discuss you.

Your needs, your requirements, how I can help you.


Answer a few simple questions about your site.

I want to make sure we’re a good fit, and I’m the person you need 😉


Share access to your site(s) using a totally safe, fully encrypted service that

doesn’t require you to ever hand over passwords.


Sit back and relax while I get your headaches sorted!

Or maybe, get on with building that epic biz of yours, now you have the time!

You can be safe in the knowledge that I’m taking care of everything for you. I’m fully GDPR compliant, and even train others in GDPR, so you’ll always know that your data and the data of your audience and list(s) will be treated with the utmost respect and lawfully.