Canva + Images

Do you have a bunch of drafts that need featured images? Or maybe you suddenly need more than one tweetable image for each of your posts (if it wasn’t for those pesky algorithms, we might have got away with it).


With full access to my Canva for Work account, I can create those for you, as well as your other social images. Promote your posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and anywhere else you like, with the correct size template.

Twitter Images

With the changes to Twitter's algorithm recently, if you want to promote a blog post on your feed more than once a day, you'll need to be a bit savvy about it. Why not create 3 different mages for each post to share daily? I can do that for you.

Facebook Images

Witch Canva, it's possible to create images exactly the right size for all social platforms. If you're not seeing click throughs from Facebook, it could be that your images aren't the right size to display properly. Let me sort that out for you.

Your personal branding

I can put you together a branding kit, including colours, fonts, and graphics so that you can keep your branding consistent across all your work.

Media Kit

Do you need a media kit to send to potential clients or brands? I can put one together for you, or update your existing one to make sure it includes all the relevant info in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Email me with your unique requirements and let me help you!