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From setting up WordPress themes & plugins, adding your Google analytics code to your site, to enabling rich pins for Pinterest, I can take care of many of your tech needs (and make the headache go away!)


Need help maximising the SEO of your blog posts? Why don't you focus on creating amazing content, and let me sort the SEO for you?


You know you need an email list, but where on Earth do you find the time to write all those emails? I can sort that out.

Canva + Images

Does your post need a featured image? Would you like a quote pulled from your post and turned into a tweetable or pinnable image? Do you need images for twitter to promote your latest post, your site, or even your work with me page? These are all things I can help with.


You've got a draft, but it needs tobe fleshed out. I have a degree in English Literature and love nothing more than writing brilliant copy that will engage your readers. I can proof read anything from a short post to your soon-to-be best seller.


When something unexpected comes up, a new piece of tech trips you up, or you just don't have time this week to do all the stuff, let me help you out.