How to Increase Blog Traffic with Productivity Processes

How to Increase Blog Traffic – 7 WordPress Productivity Plugins

We all want to know how to increase blog traffic right? More traffic means more eyes on your content, more sales (if you’re selling) and more chance of helping  your ideal reader.


But should we even be worrying about how to increase blog traffic at all?


I’ll be honest, when I first started blogging I thought traffic was it. The one thing that was going to make my blog a success. The only thing that I really needed to worry about and focus on. In reality, it’s all well and good trying to increase traffic, but if you’re fighting a constant battle to gain new traffic every month, eventually you’re going to run out of steam as well as people to reach.


It’s way more prudent to focus on building on the traffic you already have, making sure those people come back, and making absolutely certain that if when your ideal reader lands on your site they find what they’re looking for.


To make those things happen, your blogs needs to be regularly updated, your posts shared out there where eyes can see them, and your content on point.


And to make that happen, your productivity processes really need to be the best they can be. So actually, rather than focusing on how to increase blog traffic, we should be looking at how to increase our own productivity.


Where do I start?


If it’s your first time here, this blog is built on In my very humble opinion, WordPress beats all other blogging platforms in terms of usability, customisation, and reader experience. It’s perfect for blogs, sales websites, marketing, and even online shops. I can’t see a reason right now that I’d ever consider switching to another platform.


WordPress gives you the ability to fully customise both your front and back end with plugins. In the name of making over your productivity with WordPress, I’ve compiled a list of WordPress productivity plugins for you 😉 Most of them are pretty simple, but will help to increase your blog productivity endlessly.


Gimme Aaaall the Plugins!


1. WordPress Editorial Calendar

If you get my weekly emails, or you follow my other blog, you’ll know that I’ve talked about this plugin a few times before, and it’s still hands down one of my fave plugins. Viewing your posts, past, scheduled, and drafts, in calendar format is the perfect way to plan ahead and get **** done!


With the editorial calendar plugin, you can drag and drop drafts and scheduled posts to your heart’s content (content/content, get it?!) So if something comes up and you need to shuffle things around a bit, you can see your post schedule visually and rearrange it so it all still makes sense, without having to go into each individual post.


You can plan for seasonal content by sticking placeholder post titles in the calendar, too.


Download WordPress Editorial Calendar


2. Revive Old Post

Simple and does what it says on the tin. Revive old post takes post between or before a time frame you set and shares them out to your social channels at a frequency of your choice.


I’d love to go into more detail for you, but it really is just that simple!


Download Revive Old Post

        increase blog traffic        

3. Amazon Associates Link Builder

This plugin gives you the ability to insert amazon affiliate links without leaving your WP back end. The only way I could find to do this before installing the plugin was to keep tab clicking between WP and Amazon and manually inserting links and code. Snore.


Also, having the affiliate link search bar right there within your posts editing screen is a good reminder to actually add affiliate links into your posts! No good signing up if you forget to use them, after all.


Download Amazon Associates Link Builder


4. Yoast SEO

If you really want your posts to be found by the people who need and want to find them, then Yoast is for you. I can’t think of a website that doesn’t need Yoast installed, to be honest.


Yoast gives you all the tools you need to rank well within Google and search engines for specific keywords. In terms of the people who want and need your content, search ranking really is the holy grail.


Think about it, if you want the answer to a question there’s a strong possibility you’re going to ask the Google gods. What you want is to be on the first page (at the top in an ideal world) of the search results when your people ask Google a question that you have the answer to.

  Think about how you found this post, for example. You might have come from Twitter or Facebook, or from another social platform. Or you might have Googled how to increase blog traffic, which is they keyword I wanted this post to rank in Google for.  

That’s exactly what Yoast helps you do, and all with a handy traffic light system.


Download Yoast SEO


5. WP Broken Link Status Checker

Again, does exactly what it says on the tin. Allows you to run site wide scans to weed out broken links that may be harming your site, your DA, and ultimately your searchability (that’s a word, right?!)


You should be aiming to check your site for broken links at least monthly (stick it on your monthly schedule) and then removing those links from your site. I find the most common broken links are within comments, usually from another blogger who’s either switched their permalinks or isn’t blogging anymore.


Download WP Broken Link Status Checker


6. Duplicate Post

If you run a blog series, host a linky, or even if all your posts follow a certain format, duplicate post allows you to create new drafts based on previous posts at the click of a button.


Let’s say you’ve coded a button that you want at the end of all your posts. Instead of manually adding in the coding every time you write a post, you create a draft post with the code in it. Then every time you want to write a new post, you simply duplicate that draft and voila! Code is at the bottom, and you simply add the rest of your post as you usually would.


Even if you don’t host a linky right now, you may choose to one day. If you do, this plugin will save your life on numerous occasions, and will allow you to schedule weeks, if not months, of linkies in advance.


Download Duplicate Post


7. Just Writing

This is one of my newest plugins, and I’m loving it so far. It gives you full editing controls when you’re writing in distraction free mode (DFM – a must-do for the productivity whizz!) Rather than having to come out of DFM to make edits and generally do all the things, Just Writing gives you access to all the controls without the distraction.




Download Just Writing


Forget about how to increase blog traffic… Focus here instead


So there you have it, 7 WordPress productivity plugins to help take your productivity to the next level.


Don’t forget, instead of laying awake at night trying to work out how to increase blog traffic, work instead on your productivity processes. You’ll thank yourself in the long run 😉


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  1. Great advice thank you. I am going to try the broken link idea. Wish me luck I’ve never done it so god knows what it will come up with. :/ x #itsok.

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