MailChimp is one of those services that can be really confusing to look at it. There are tons of options to wade through, standard emails and templates to customise, where do you even start? what’s the difference between a list and a segment?

I’ve got you! From setting up your email lists to writing your emails, I can help you get a handle on your subscribers list and make the most out of it.

Weekly Emails

You already have enough writing to do! I can do your weekly (or monthly) emails and newsletters and make sure they're sending to all your subscribers.

Welcome Sequence

People are signing up to your list, but are you forgetting to welcome them in any way? This could be the turning point for a fan becoming a super fan! I can set up a fully automated welcome sequence for you, to ensure that your subs don't become un-subs.


If you've got a handful of lead magnets, opt-in magnets, or freebies that you want to give people when they sign up for you, working out how to attach them into your automations can be tricky. And then you're left with all these separate lists! I can manage your lists from set up to merging.

Opt-in's & site pop ups

So you've managed to attach your freebieor opt-in to your automation in MailChimp, but now you want to promote it via a pop up on your site. Headache. I can make sure all this works for you, and that your people are getting their freebie properly when they sign up using your pop up.

Email me with your unique requirements and let me help you!