For lots of bloggers, writing is a passion. For some, it’s photography, or food, or any other number of passions. For me, it’s always been writing and tech.

But no matter how much of a passion you have for something, the reality is that we just don’t always have enough time.

By putting some of your writing needs in my hands, you’ll be putting it in the hands of an English Literature graduate with a true passion for the written word.

Blog posts

Given a topic, I can write blog posts from scratch for you. If you want to retain some of the writing process, I can also create full posts from drafts. A draft could a series of bullet points that I flesh out, key words or phrases that you want included, or even just bare bones of notes.


As part of my MailChimp services, I can write emails to send out to your mailing list. This could be as simple as setting up a weekly RSS feed, writing a bespoke regular email, or setting up your welcome series. i can set up weekly/regular email templates that you can edit weekly yourself, or I can write your emails for you regularly, the choice is yours! Larger packages of emails can be discussed to suit your unique needs.

formal text

Do you need a pitch template that you can use to send to brands, affiliate terms and conditions to add to your website, or a set of guidelines for writers guest posting for you? Drop me an email and we can discuss your requirements.

Email me with your unique requirements and let me help you!